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Learning to code, to think, to fast, and to wait — writing thoughts

The search for a prettier way of authoring your React code

Photo by Sincerely Media on Unsplash

React code is ugly. I’m not talking about any technical trait of the framework; I’m talking straightforward aesthetics, how the code looks on my screen, and the feelings it evokes.

Code aesthetic, in this sense, is not something developers are used to caring about. We have more important worries. Aesthetics are subjective, hard to measure and the benefits of chasing it are unclear. It is not often you’ll see a developer raising their hand and the midst of a Stand-up meeting to tell their peers they’re not pleased with how the code looks on their screen. …

Can you write a function that returns true if this function finishes and false if it doesn’t?

Can you write a JavaScript function that receives an arbitrary function and an input as arguments and returns true if this function finishes executing (halts) after called and false if it doesn’t, for every possible combination of function and input?

For the sake of the exercise, assume no time or memory limit is binding our JS Engine and that the engine itself works flawlessly.

What we’re looking for is something like this:

Quite an intriguing task, isn’t it? Let’s examine it closer.

It is relatively trivial to answer the question for some functions without the aid of any special…

A look into how your opinions shape your future

Your opinions determine who you are and who you will be. This is not a revolutionary realization, but it is a crucial notion to have around.

In the meaning I’m trying to convey here, opinions are any formed judgment you might hold about reality. A value you attribute to something, usually taken from a pool of other possible ones. It goes from “I like broccoli” to “I am Christian.”

At first glance, the statement sounds like a tautology: the present is always a necessary condition to the future, so inevitably, what I am, say, and do now will determine what…

A tutorial and short story about the beginning of my journey using Medium

A desk with a laptop, coffee, polaroid pictures and a notebook. There’s someone’s hand writing on the opened notebook.

I’ve recently decided to use Medium as a blogging platform. I chose it for the great combination of effective reach and quality reading experience it provides. Especially on the distribution forefront, Medium seems to be way ahead of other platforms I’ve tested, even if you’re new to it and do not have your network of readers formed yet. This is most likely due to it being a mature product, profiting from a combination of network effects and improved recommendation algorithms.

From a writer’s perspective, bootstrapping an audience is essential and poses a substantial challenge. To solve it, you need a…


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